AVS Audio Recorder

AVS Audio Recorder Version Free

Record any preferred audio file in simple steps to generate high quality audio for your listening pleasure at any time

Modern users today enjoy good music from all sources. However, some favorite sounds may not be readily accessible in the preferred formats as desired by the user. This is where the AVS Audio Recorder can assist easily. The audio recorder utility is very compact with a host of effective resources that enables users in their recording of audio data via different types of inputs such as microphone, video games, vinyl records, favorite movie soundtracks and other sound card input lines. The AVS Audio Recorder is designed to record different types of audio files from various sources with a save feature to popular and highly preferred formats such as WAV, WMA and MP3. This versatile audio recorder is available in the standard AVS4YOU package where a one-time user registration would permit the user to access a plethora of audio recording and converting tools and facilities offered by AVS4YOU.com. The annual subscription fee is only while a lifetime subscription costs only .
The AVS4YOU AVS Audio Recorder facility is part of the wide range of conversion tools for users to rip, edit, convert and burn audio/video files into DVDs with ringtone creation and uploads of videos to different devices such as players, computers, phones and other portable devices. This compact AVS Audio Recorder offers high quality sounds after its recoding task is completed to ensure that users are satisfied with the final results. This AVS Audio Recorder can be used in conjunction with its suite component, the AVS Audio Converter available from the same pack.
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